The Arabic Language Youth Council is a partnership between the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center and the Arab Youth Center, and in collaboration with the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation and the Zai Centre for Arabic language research at Zayed University. The Council aims to enrich linguistic work with contemporary young ideas and incorporate issues related to the Arabic language into the interests of the new generation. By actively participating in the Council, young people can help shape the future of their language and its role in comprehensive development. The Council also aims to harness the significant potential of Arab youth to create a harmonious scientific knowledge base aligned with Arab culture and build upon its historical achievements.

The Arabic Language Youth Council represents a serious, systematic attempt to enable the Arabic language to regain its presence in society and enhance its role in work, education, and the community. It serves as a tool for thinking and a language for daily creative expression, keeping pace with the growth of modern Arab society and contemporary developments in various fields. It is a living product capable of meeting both daily and long-term needs.


To empower Arab youth with the Arabic language, create incentives for them to embrace and benefit from it, deepen its connection in their daily lives, and equip the Arabic language to fulfill its civilizational role. This includes embracing the efforts and expressions of future generations, and facilitating communication among themselves and with world cultures through the Arabic language.


The future of the Arabic language is in the hands of today's youth. Therefore, it is crucial to make the Arabic language their primary tool for thinking, communicating, and expressing themselves. It is essential to facilitate free and fruitful interaction with their native language, allowing them to develop knowledge within it, positively influence it, and engage with contemporary advancements in the fields of science, thought, knowledge, and creativity.


Arabic Language Youth Council Members

Criteria for Nomination


Excellent in reading, writing, and speaking Arabic


An Arab or proficient in the Arabic language


between 15-35 years old


Strong and effective personal skills


Have general knowledge and interest in the Arabic language


The feeling of pride in practicing the Arabic Language.


The ability to represent the Arabic language and work towards achieving the Council's objectives


Leadership, social, and effective time management skills


Significant contributions and impactful initiatives in the community within the Council's areas of work.